How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually (3 effective ways)

The battery is a significant part of a laptop. Laptop batteries need care to increase their life and efficiency. If you want your battery to last long, follow the safety rules.

Chargers are also important components of laptops. You must use an external charger if your laptop’s ports or charger is malfunctioning.

There are many methods to charge laptops manually. I described some of the safest and easiest ways to charge a laptop battery manually.
The methods are listed below.

External Charger

External charges are mainly used for the manual charging of laptop batteries. The external charger is connected directly to the battery, but not to the laptop, as in this method, the battery is taken out of the laptop. This method is risky, and you also have to follow some security instructions. Use only the best quality chargers to protect against overcharging.

Before using any charger, set the voltage and current to be acceptable for your laptop. Read the laptop battery safety information before using an external charger. The external charger must be suitable for our laptop battery.

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USB-C Cable

Another method is to charge the battery of the laptop. This method does not apply to the older versions of laptops because they need a USB-C port. The old model of laptops mostly has A or B-type ports. USB-C ports provide power input to charge the battery.

USB-C, one side of the cable connects to the power source, and another connects to the laptop. If you have a mobile phone. You can also charge a laptop battery with the help of a mobile phone.

Power Bank

The power bank can also charge your laptop battery. There are many varieties of power banks. But you can choose a power bank that provides maximum power.

Your laptop must have USB-C-type ports. Otherwise, you cannot charge your battery with the help of a power bank. You must need a type C to A cable, plug the type A into the power bank, and other to the laptop. The power bank must be suitable for your laptop battery. Avoid purchasing a low-quality power bank.


I have explained the simplest and most effective ways to charge a laptop battery manually. First, read the safety information about the laptop battery, then follow any method. You can use these methods when our original charger cannot work because the most secure way to charge the laptop is with the original charger.