How Much Is My Laptop Worth? (Complete Guide – 2023)

What is the worth of your old laptop? Different people have different thoughts about laptop prices. Using the following formula, we can make a good estimate. How much is my laptop Worth?

Total computer values = hardware price + software price + peripheral [monitor, keyboard] damage.

After the calculation is done, compare your device with others. There are the following options, comparing pricing.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth? Exactly How Much Does It Cost?

With all the laptop websites, online pricing calculators, and online e-commerce platforms you can assess your laptop’s worth and provide you peace of mind while selling. The methods I’ll describe below will help you determine how much your laptop is worth.

E-commerce websites

There are a number of laptops on it. This is the best place to compare laptops. You also read the conditions of the other laptops and know the worth of your laptop. eBay is the hand computers are listed and you compare costs there. You also see the exact model of your laptop in the search box and its worth.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

Online calculator

It gives you a good estimate of your using a laptop. You can enter the model and compare your laptop and it shows you the current price of it. If any flaw happens, specify it and the calculator will take it into account.

Gadgetsalvation is one of the online calculators you use to determine the price of your laptop. Another service provided by online calculators is selling your laptop.

Local Laptop Retailers

You can sell your laptop to local laptop stores if you do not want to sell it online. This will give you a good amount price according to your location.

Another benefit to visiting local laptop dealers is that, if you tell them that you want to sell it and buy a new one then, they may give you a bonus. They may also tell you market trends and the flaws in your laptop that are sometimes unknown to you.

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Price Factors For Laptops

There are many ways to determine the accurate worth of your laptop.


Different brands invest different amounts in advertising and marketing, according to the need of the customers. So, brands have a major impact on the market value of your laptop.


There are of course many aspects to consider when we look for laptop specifications, but our main focus is on whether the primary functions of the laptop are going well or not.


The central processing unit [CPU] is the brain of the computer. It handled all commands and operations. The faster the CPU, the faster the computer is. Its quality depends on cores from 4-8.


It stands for Random access memory. It is temporary storage. It’s a quality measure in gigabytes. More memory it stores if RAM is larger. If the laptop is powered off, then you cannot keep the memory.


The Graphics processing unit is act similarly to the CPU. The difference between CPU and GPU is that CPU controls all computer processes while GPU is related to graphics.

Internal storage

It is a place where you store every information on your laptop, while it is shut off. It is measured in GB\TB units; 1 TB equals 1000 GB. If you have 1 TB SSD and 1 TB HDD, SSD is superior and expensive.


A laptop price falls, as it ages because modern laptops launch and they are faster and more powerful while older laptops decline naturally over time.


If there are more flaws in the laptop, it lowers its worth. There is a need to know all flaws in your laptop, to check for Its worth, and to tell the buyer about these, he should know ‘’What he is getting?’’

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Reasons For Selling Used Laptop

Here are four primary reasons why people sell their computers:

Wants to upgrade

Most people seek new and modern technology so, they sell their old ones. There is also an advantage to up-to-date technology, it will increase your work productivity.

Aging of Laptop

As a laptop is going ages, its physical parts become less effective and weak. Constant warm air also affects its performance. These all reasons urge a user to buy a new model rather than an old one.


When you have several laptops, make sure to sell them as quickly as possible. Storing piles of laptops takes up extra space in your home, that space must be utilized for some other important things to keep.

Need Cash

Selling the laptop gives you a cash amount. Your laptop might be best and you require it for everyday work, but your need to get cash at that time.

Estimate the value of your Laptop

The value of your computer\ laptop depends on many factors.


The latest the model of a laptop, the greater its value and ultimately the price also.


If you take care of your laptop, do not overcharge it. Prevent it from direct sunlight and clean it on regular basis then automatically its condition is good and it affects its value. Also, look for any internal and external damage.

Improve market value

Improve market value

Clean your laptop

Before selling the laptop must be cleaned up. You must delete all unnecessary content and programs. Remove all pictures and videos from it.

Update Operating System

You should install windows 10\11 before selling your laptop. Because newer operating systems are used nowadays and these two windows have new features that are not present in previous versions.

When to sell a laptop

It totally depends on your interest and your urge for new and modern technology. If you are tired of your existing laptop then it’s entirely up to you to buy a new one. It also depends on the situation.


Which laptop brand is best?

1. Dell
2. Lenovo
3. Acer

Can I sell my laptop with the damaged screen?

If a screen of a laptop is damage\cracked then, it is difficult to sell it. People don’t want to buy a computer with faults. You should repair it before selling or buy a new LCD [liquid crystal display] and replace it with the new one.

What are the Names of websites where I sell my laptop?

1. Amazon
2. eBay
3. Facebook Marketplace

Final Thoughts

A lot of stuff persists on the internet about selling old laptops. There are a lot of articles\blogs on this topic.

The very simple way to sell an old laptop is to know its worth\value. Then, you can be sold it within a good amount without overestimating or underestimating. Remember, many people want an old laptop for their work. Make sure to know the specifications and conditions of the laptop. After reading the article you know how much is my laptop worth?