How to Check Laptop Fan is Working or Not?

Overheating is the first sign that a laptop fan is working or not. You might have a problem with your laptop fan if your laptop heats up while running heavy programs. Is it possible to check if the laptop fan is working or not? Before that, we should know “Why are laptop fans important?”

The function of a laptop fan is to push out heat from the motherboard and processor and cool them down by working smoothly at the highest level of possibility. When there is a laptop heating problem, it can damage internal components. This means that the laptop fan keeps your computer or laptop running smoothly.

6 Methods to Check Laptop Fan Working or Not

Since the laptop fan is installed inside the case, you cannot see whether it is in motion or not unless you open the case. Here, we come up with 4 ways to check if your laptop fan is working.

Methods to Check Laptop Fan Working or Not

Carefully Listen to the Sound of the Laptop Fan

A laptop fan works continuously to move the warm air out from the laptop; it gradually slows down when you are running software.

The method is effortless to check fan sound. First, you have to move your ear closer to the fan of the laptop, where it is located, by hearing the sound, you will note some whirling sound coming from the fan of the laptop. If you did not hear any type of sound, do not worry about it. Modern laptops are designed in such a way that the fan is only turned on when you run a heavy program. After a few seconds, try to hear the sound.

Point to Note:

The fan typically makes a smooth sound; if you hear a rough sound, the fan is probably broken or dirty; open the case and clean it; if it’s broken, replace it with a new one.

Laptops are designed to be portable, to work consistently, to be simple to use and to be portable from one location to another. So, the laptop fan is also small, and its sound is difficult to hear. If you hear the sound of a fan, take notice. Is the sound cracking? Any problem with the laptop fan sound means that you have to check it.

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Feeling the Air With Hand

You also feel the fan’s warm air by placing your hand, where air exists. This can be done after running a heavy program.

By Using Software that will show your System Hardware Specs

By Using Software that will show your System Hardware Specs

There are several software for checking hardware performance and efficacy. The software also finds mistakes in your hardware. By using specific software, you can monitor certain hardware devices. The software also checks the processor’s speed and heat.

Checking the Temperature

If the temperature rises above normal, there is an issue. There are many components involved in the cooling system. Download any hardware checking system for temperature monitoring. If the temperature is above 130 degrees, note the laptop fan condition.

Software for Checking Laptop Fans in Windows

Some of the software has the power to control the hardware. “Speed Fan” is the most popular and widely used. This allows you to control your laptop’s fan speed and system temperature.

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When the temperature of your device exceeds the normal limit, you have to turn off your laptop so, the temperature goes back to normal again.


The laptop fan is one of the vital systems that push out warm air and keeps the whole system running smoothly and accurately. You can check the laptop fan manually by hearing the sound and feeling it with your hand. You can also use some software, such as SpeedFan and Real Temp, for checking your laptop fan.

The first indication that your laptop fan is not working is that the temperature rises above the normal limit. Finally, I hope you now know how to check whether your laptop fan is running or not.


How do you know if the laptop fan is working?

The Common thing is if your laptop fan is not moving releases your laptop fan is not working. This condition is very dangerous for our laptop because the laptop is overheated.

How to check your laptop fans?

Check the fan’s temperature: If your laptop’s fan is covered with dust, it means hasn’t been clean for a while, and that usually indicates an overheated CPU.

You should try cleaning out any debris that might have accumulated inside by using a toothpick or other soft tools like tweezers or even your finger, but make sure not to get any liquid on them first so they won’t corrode.